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Born in 1971 in Normandy, Catherine Fouvry Leblois (CATeF) is a sculptor artist who now lives in the Paris region. As a little girl, she already loved to draw, create, design. Classical dancer and violinist, she nevertheless put her artistic aspirations on hold for more than twenty years.

In 2014, she discovered working with clay during a modeling workshop. She then deposits her past of service to large companies to finally release her creative energy. In an increasingly fast, pressing, virtual and intangible world, she is committed to making time her ally.

Creation by earth is a slow process. Each work evolves at the rate that the earth imposes. Between figuration and abstraction, CATeF's works combine lines, materials and volumes in a structured way. Projecting a thought or dreamed interiority, she works the line to get to what is essential. By curves, inclinations, attitudes and movements she translates states of mind.

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